A series of group meetings dedicated to a specific topic.
We will help your team to formulate their suggestions and ideas on a problem and to hear each other, even those who aren't vocal.
This format had been invested in by economists and was later widely used in business consulting and psychology.
setting realistic deadlines
routine vs strategy
work/life balance
employers' and/vs employees' partnership
teamwork & conflicts
How It Works
We setup the environment
Simple meetings rules
are essential for the process.
The team choses the topic
For some topics one meeting is enough, for others, we need more.
We facilitate the process
Our company works according to the principle of an individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in solving problems of all levels.
The team comes to a solution.
There can be several solutions to be tested.
We help your team to refine the solutions
This is an agile-based process – each iteration makes a difference.
Expected results
The main goal of mastermind group is to find the best way possible to solve a particular problem. We facilitate the process so that each member gets involved and each suggestion is considered.
  • formulation
  • understanding
  • engagement
  • teamwork
  • 4
  • 5-10
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