Is your service an application?
No, we believe that human contact is very important. Our consultations are conducted by real people who also write the guides.
Will you disclose what I tell you during the consultation to my employer?
No, we do not disclose private information about specific individuals to employers.
What methodology do you use?
We use our own methodology, a fusion of time management and psychology, and we employ third-wave CBT approaches.
What if I already have a psychologist?
That's not a problem. Here we focus on your work within the team and communication with colleagues. We may identify some specific issues that you might want to discuss with your own psychologist.
Do you work in the interests of a company or employee?
We believe that a company and employees are partners, not adversaries. We help establish this partnership and work in everyone's best interests.
Can we get the time management part without psychology?
Time management without psychology doesn't really exist. Human actions are rooted in psychology. We have a course on time management for teams, but we also use psychological techniques.
Can we get a psychologist, without time management consultations?
We use time management to find psychological roots of problems to fine-tune hypotheses and to measure practical results of our work as well. Individual blocks of psychological assistance are possible, but a comprehensive approach is more effective.
In what languages do you conduct consultations?
In English and Russian. We plan to add Spanish soon.